“Medicine is the art of entertaining the patient, as the body heals itself.”

— Voltaire


“Laurie has been a lifeline
and a friend. Looking back,
I realize how scared I was
before we connected since
nothing was working. She’s
the best and I am so grateful
to her for giving me back my
life. She’s the only physical
therapist I’d ever trust.”



What Is Physical Therapy?

At its core, physical therapy is about helping you live a healthier, more active and pain-free life after an injury. The injury could be the result of sports participation, an accident, being overweight, poor posture, weak muscles or just the wrong movement at the wrong time.

Whatever the cause, when muscles, tendons and ligaments around joints or other body parts are asked to perform in ways they’re not designed to do, they become damaged. The pain you experience is your body’s way of trying to protect those areas from further harm. You will continue to experience pain until the problem is corrected.

Physical therapy helps speed the healing process by restoring strength and/or range of motion to the affected area through a combination of stretching, exercises, and in some cases, manual manipulation. Heat, cold, ultrasonic waves or other modalities may also be applied to reduce inflammation and pain.

Physical therapists receive years of specialized medical training in how the body works, and how it recovers, which enables them to develop individualized rehabilitation plans. This specialized training also ensures they have the knowledge needed to properly execute and optimize treatment.

While there are many common injuries, no two situations are exactly alike. Factors such as age, weight, posture, muscle and bone density, prior activity level, and more can impact the treatment plan. That is why you always want to ensure that the treatment plan you follow is customized to your needs rather than simply copied from general guidelines.

Although physical therapy is most commonly associated with adult athletes, it is equally valuable for non-athletes of all ages to help overcome problems that cause pain, limit movement or otherwise affect your quality of life. It can even be used to prevent problems – particularly those related to the natural aging process.

The ultimate goal of physical therapy is to enable you to do the activities you want to do and live life on your terms. Let Arizona Manual Therapy Centers guide you on the road to recovery.

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