About Arizona Manual Therapy Centers

Since 2004, Arizona Manual Therapy Centers has been helping patients in the Scottsdale and Phoenix area recover from sports injuries; traffic, home and work-related accidents; and the various aches and pains that crop up in the normal course of life. We have built an outstanding reputation for producing exceptional outcomes that allow our patients to quickly return to-or exceed–their former activity level.


” Richard does a fantastic
job of determining the
issues that you have and
developing a plan to fix them.
His hands-on approach is a
game changer – so different
than what I have experienced
at other PT practices. And
Richard observes you as you
exercise and nobody rushes
you. It is pretty typical for
me to spend up two hours
each visit there. I’m in
maintenance mode now and
thanks to getting mobilized
and stretched regularly I
am able to play golf often
without back pain. Thank
you Richard for all you do! ”

Our Approach

When you come to Arizona Manual Therapy Centers, we get to know you. We conduct a thorough consultation/evaluation. We test, we measure and we talk to you. We review everything from your body type and how you move to the way you sit and stand. We listen to your story. We take personal factors into account such as your past injury history, current habits, lifestyle, and athletic and work goals. We then collaborate with your primary care physician or other specialist to prepare a comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program that addresses your unique needs and circumstances. That program focuses on three areas: relieving immediate pain, helping you heal and preventing a recurrence of the problem.

Then we get to work. Our hands-on approach goes beyond physical therapy’s traditional “stretch and exercise” approach by incorporating orthopedic manual therapy. This literal hands-on manipulation and mobilization of joints and muscles helps restore the normal function of soft tissues and joints in a way that stretching and exercise alone cannot. And with less pain. This hands-on approach to both your diagnosis and treatment is the Arizona Manual Therapy difference.

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